Thoughts of a Dreamer w/ Terri Nikki

#89: The ABYSS Between Thought & Action

September 21, 2022 Season 1 Episode 89
Thoughts of a Dreamer w/ Terri Nikki
#89: The ABYSS Between Thought & Action
Show Notes

Welcome new listeners! :D yay! Little do y'all know, you've struck GOLD! Yes, GOLD! No, you will not get a check from me, but you will (hopefully) change your mind! Think about what you wanna do. Think about a goal. Think about a dream. Now, think of what it takes to do it... what do you FEEL?!?! Probably a lot of stuff. You may throw out an excuse. You may have convinced yourself you can't for WHATEVER reason... but, that's only because that thought has DIED within the ABYSS or grey area between your thought and your actions.

Think about it. Be open. Let's change your mind. Take control.

Amanda Crowell - 3 Reasons You Aren't Doing What You Say You Will Do

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